​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
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​Masonic Birthdays For April 2018

Ned F. Collins 30 Years
Ralph Conn 15 Years
William L. Cosans 50 Years
John A. Downes Jr. 50 Years
Raymond L. Garrison, (D) 35 Years
Hugh H. Gibson, III. 55 Years
Clark R. Hewitt, Jr. 19 Years
Jimmie S. Johnson, Jr. 15 Years
Thomas W. Lowe, Sr. 50 Years
Matthew D. Marrone 3 Years
RW Todd E. Mertz, (H) 10 Years
Edwin W. Messey 54 Years
Francis R. Mitchell, (H) 59 Years
Daniel J. Prosser, Jr. 11 Years
David S. Rifkin 27 Years
Thomas J. Sommers 19 Years
Raymond J. Taylor 11 Years
Mark A. Valentine 3 Years

Happy Masonic Birthday Brethren”
"2018 Masonic Home Wheelchair Push"

Wheel Chair Push Dates for 2018
Sunday April 8th, July 8th, October 7th, December 30th 

Located at the Masonic Village of Burlington starting at 8:30am.
Wear Collared Shirt (Lodge Shirt OK) and nametag.
All officers and newly raised brethren, are REQUIRED to attend.
Call the WM if you can't make it.
Family Members are invited to participate.

"Scholarship Information"

       Merchantville Lodge Scholarships are available to the son, daughter or grandchildren of a member of the lodge in “good standing” who possesses a 2018 dues card, to the lodge secretary’s office along with the student’s 500 word essay entitled: “Why I want to go to college”, along with a copy of their school transcript, letter of recommendation from school principal or guidance counselor, and 3 X 5 index card with student’s name, address, telephone number, sponsor’s name (member of lodge) and school of higher education student anticipates on attending (does not have to be accepted at this time). Application deadline is May 1st, 2017.

       The Scottish Rite also offers a variety of scholarships. For more information Visit excelsiorsnj@comcast.net, or call Excelsior Consistory, Valley of Southern New Jersey in Collingswood at (856) 854-1991. Deadline is April 1st, 2017.
"Educator & Emergency Response Officer of the Year"

       Applications are now available in the secretary’s office for anyone wishing to submit a name of someone to the lodge, district and Grand Lodge for consideration.


To insure that we as a lodge are able to best serve our members, I am asking that the brethren please send along any possible contact information changes that may have occurred over the past few years. If you have changed addresses, phone numbers or email address please contact the lodge secretary to verify we have the correct information for you. If there is even the slightest chance our information is out of date do not hesitate to send your info along.
You can send your information by;

-Calling the lodge at (856) 663-1719 and leaving a message.
-Sending an email to MerchantvilleLodge@gmail.com
-Or by mail to 6926 Park Ave, Merchantville NJ. 08109
Please include your full name and any contact information you would like to update.

       Some of you may be unaware that the lodge now has (2) email mailing lists that you can join to stay up to date with lodge information.

TRESTLEBOARD EMAIL LIST – Here you will receive Merchantville Lodge’s monthly trestleboard via email. You have the option to receive both the physical copy by mail as well as this electronic copy if you like. You can also join this email list and ask to be removed from the physical mailing list to help save the lodge postage and printing costs. What is most important to Merchantville Lodge is that you the members have access to all of the lodge’s information and events so we can best serve you.

UPCOMING EVENTS EMAIL LIST – Here you will receiving additional information about upcoming events closer to the day of the event as a reminder and most importantly you will receiving notices about sick and distressed brethren as well as any death notices and upcoming funeral services.


       There has been discussion among some of the members lately who have expressed an interest in moving our Stated meeting from the second Friday of the month to the second Thursday. At this month’s meeting we will present a plan to change the meeting night to the second Thursday with Emergent Communications as needed. The reason for this proposal is two-fold. First, members have said they have difficulty attending Friday night meetings due to family obligations Second, there are two lodges in our district who currently meet on Friday nights. Changing our meeting night would accommodate the needs of our brothers to meet their family obligations as well as permit traveling between the lodges who meet on those Fridays.

       Also, we have not had the number of petitions for membership as we have had in the past. It will be easier to provide the brethren due and timely notice of an upcoming Emergent Communication than to announce that there will not be a meeting on the second Friday, in hopes that a brother doesn’t show up to an empty lodge.

       Please come out to our Stated meeting on April 13th to give your opinion on this proposal. This is something that will require a By-Law change and the approval of our