​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
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​Masonic Birthdays For June

Nathaniel L. Baker - 10 yrs.
Richard J. Barry - 26 yrs.
Scott R. Barry - 13 yrs.
Zachary T. Bascelli - 8 yrs.
D.B. John M. Belko - 30 yrs.
Rolf G. Benninghoven - 8 yrs.
MW William H. Berman, P.G.M. (H) - 37 yrs.
Desmond M. Clayton - 5 yrs.
Thomas P. Connell - 13 yrs.
Anthony N. Costanzo - 45 yrs.
Richard M. DiMonte, Jr. - 8 yrs.
Vincent E. Doyle - 44 yrs.
Shamus E. Ellis - 11 yrs.
Philip J. Espinosa - 25 yrs.
Edward F. Fahrenholz - 14 yrs. 
Frederick L. Follis, Jr. - 20 yrs.
Eliud Gautier - 4 yrs.
Michael J. Giletto - 10 yrs.
John J. Grachen - 17 yrs.
William H. Griffith, IV - 36 yrs.
RW Thomas R. Harman, III, PGPurs. - 31 yrs.
Gerald C. Haubrich - 8 yrs.
William C. Hench - 23 yrs.
Alan B. Hentzler - 24 yrs.
Jeffrey E. Hentzler - 24 yrs.
R.W. Robert W. Hertneck, Jr., DDGM - 19 yrs.
Donald R Hobliztell - 1 yr.
Joseph J. Hopkins, III - 11 yrs.
James E. Humes - 37 yrs.
Dr. Charles M. Ivory - 40 yrs.
Gerald D. Jeitner, Jr. - 18 yrs.
Christopher M. Johnson - 18 yrs.
WB William W. Johnson Sr., PM - 23 yrs.
Eric T. Johnson - 6 yrs.
Randolph P. Kehl - 20 yrs.
Robert A. King - 32 yrs.
John Anthony Lattanzi - 9 yrs.
John E. Laurick - 13 yrs.
Thomas W. Lowe, Jr. - 30 yrs.
Michael W. Mack, Sr. - 39 yrs.
Jose' A. Malave', Sr. - 9 years
Jeffrey C. Martin - 4 yrs.
Alexander Martinez - 9 yrs.
Ryan F. McGee - 11 yrs.
WB Thomas A. Muskett, PM - 64 yrs.
Russel V. Panchelli - 43 yrs.
Roswell Perez - 7 yrs.
D.B. Kenneth L. Pierce - 31 yrs.
M.W. Larry S. Plasket, PGM/PGSec - 41 yrs.
Daniel J. Prosser, Sr. - 21 yrs.
Robert J. Quigley, Jr. - 33 yrs.
Matthew J. Redder - 13 yrs.
Michael D. Riggs - 5 yrs.
Ramon A. Rodriguez - 6 yrs.
Brian D. Rowe - 8 yrs.
Raynaldo Santiago, PM - 16 yrs.
Joseph L. Schili - 17 yrs.
Andrew D. Schmidt - 33 yrs.
Gerald J. Sharpe - 25 yrs.
Thomas R. Smith, III, PM - 26 yrs.
Anthony J Starkus - 1 yrs.
Raymond W. Taylor, Jr. - 21 yrs.
Luis A. Valentin - 6 yrs.
El Donaldo Francisco Vid Al - 7 yrs.
Wilbur Wanamaker, Jr. - 10 yrs.
Kenneth B. Webb, Sr. - 19 yrs.
RW Patrick C. Weisgerber,Sr., PSGM - 22 yrs.
WB Peter F. White, P.M. - 22 yrs.
RW Richard Wimmer, PGC (H) - 66 yrs.

Happy Masonic Birthday Brethren”
"Masonic Home Visitations"

I want to send a thank you to all those who participated in last months Masonic Village Visitation. A special thank you goes out to Cathleen Martin, Jennifer Roberts and Rachel Knaus for collecting magazines and puzzle books for the residents. Jennifer also put together special gift bags for our Merchantville Lodge residents. I can tell you that everyone enjoyed seeing the Brethren and even more so the Ladies. Our next visit is June 9th and I would love to see even more of you there!
~ WM

"Masonic Village Visitations for 2019"

June 9th, August 25th, November 10th

Special Thanks to:

Bro. Andy Knaus and Bro. AJ Starkus for their time and efforts towards the repair of the Temple. Bro’s Knaus and Starkus installed a new water heater for the bathrooms; with improved wiring and plumbing. Bro. Knaus also installed assistance railings in both the men’s and ladies rooms for those who need them.

The Camden County Shrine Club for their donation to the building maintenance fund.

USS NJ Lodge #62 for their assistance in the overall improvement of the Temple; to include the bar from the old West Jersey Masonic Center.

Athene Chapter OES for the consolidation of the closet area in preparation for the new Secretary’s Office.


The Ladies of Merchantville Lodge are asking for donations of adult coloring books and colored pencils for the residents of the Masonic Home. Please contact the WM or the Secretary for more information.