​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
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​Masonic Birthdays For January 2018

DB Jerome (Jerry) Lee Clark - 45 yrs.
Michael T. Coates - 10 yrs.
Felix DiNicolantonio, III - 10 yrs.
Wayne A. Farren (D) - 42 yrs.
G. Robert Hill - 67 yrs.
William C. Johnson - 2 yrs.
WB Gary L. Jones, PM - 33 yrs.
David K. Martin, Jr. (D) - 20 yrs.
Steven T. Moody - 20 yrs.
Samuel T. Reilley, PDDGM - 47 yrs.
George H. Schoppet - 64 yrs.
Richard D. Spink - 65 yrs.
WB Eugene L. Wallace, PM - 20 yrs.

Happy Masonic Birthday Brethren”
"2018 Masonic Home Wheelchair Push"

Sunday, Jan 14th – Merchantville 119 at Masonic Home for Wheelchair Push

All Newly Raised Brethren, New EA & FC Brethren and Officers are expected to
attend and assist with getting our Wheelchair Residents to the Chapel.
Family Members are always welcome to attend and assist us.
Please mark you calendars’ accordingly.
Enter thru the Church Entrance Double Glass Doors and
Sign-in on Attendance Roster (Park in Lot near Foundation Bldg)2017 Requirements Complete.. Thank you

       Greetings from the Secretary’s Office of Merchantville Lodge #119.
I look forward to serving you during the 2018 Masonic Year.

       If you have not received your 2018 dues notice, they will be out to
you forthwith. Due to some Unfortunate Technical Difficulties beyond our
control, 2018 Dues notices may not have reached everyone.

Dues are due on, or before, January 1st, 2018. To Help YOUR Lodge,
Please send in your Dues A.S.A.P.

NPD Suspensions for 2017 Delinquent Members will be sent out before you
know it. If this applies to you, you caught a break this year!

So Please, Send in your Dues.
2017 Dues - $129.00
2018 Dues - $131.50
GL Asses. is $48 if you are in some kind of qualifying Distress.

Thank you, and may your Holiday Season be both Joyous and Peaceful

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Nate Baker
Administrative Secretary - 2018
Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
Mobile (856) 278 9078