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​Masonic Birthdays For March

RW J. Michael Aaron, PGC - 27 yrs., Bruce W. Barry - 12 yrs., William M. Barry, Jr. - 25 yrs.,
WB Edwin E. Beaver, PM - 35 yrs., D.B. Rolf U. Benninghoven - 46 yrs., Bernard F. Beri - 17 yrs.
Robert M. Biedebach - 6 yrs., Bryan J. Bradshaw - 9 yrs., Wayne Bradshaw - 48 yrs.,
Esteban Cabrera, Sr. - 6 yrs., Stephen J. Callaghan - 14 yrs., Jason W. Capozio - 6 yrs.,
Enrico T. Caruso - 39 yrs., James H. Choyinski - 5 yrs., Gary M. Clemmens - 8 yrs.,
William E. Coates - 27 yrs., Scott J. Collier - 21 yrs., Charles W. Connolly - 14 yrs.,
Douglas H. Connolly - 14 yrs., Charles W. Connolly, IV - 14 yrs., William D Davis - 12 yrs.,
Nicholas A. DePace (D) - 14 yrs., Robert E. Down - 21 yrs., Lawrence E. Einhorn - 37 yrs.,
RW George E. Emanuel, PSGD - 42 yrs., Leroy R. Emory, Jr., PM - 29 yrs., 
Nicholas S. Falgiano - 28 yrs., Charles V. Farno, Jr. - 33 yrs., Chester E. Ferren, Jr. - 20 yrs.,
Thomas E. Ferro - 7 yrs., William F. Flaherty - 42 yrs., Alan S. Fletcher, Sr. - 18 yrs.,
Michael E. Goldis, MD - 12 yrs., Edwin Gonzalez - 14 yrs., Frederick W. Hall - 14 yrs., 
Danny J. Hansen - 9 yrs., WB Barry T. Hanson, PM - 16 yrs., Earl E. Harris - 45 yrs., 
WB Robert Harris, Jr. - 7 yrs., William J. Harrison - 23yrs., Robert F. Hermanns, Jr. - 36 yrs.,
William C. Hertline, Jr. - 23 yrs., Christopher T. Hope - 17 yrs., Jeffrey M. Johnson, Sr. - 12 yrs.,
Robert M. Kraft - 17 yrs., James M. Lake, Jr. - 33 yrs., Frederick J. Lang - 6 yrs., 
Col. Jack E. Lechner, Jr. (Ret) - 40 yrs., William S. Lessig - 21 yrs., WB Daniel L. Lloyd, PM - 20 yrs.,
Josef J. Loeb - 43 yrs., WB Philip H. Lowe, PM - 40 yrs., RW Dale A Lynch, PDDGM (H) - 33 yrs.,
Jerry Mac Eachen - 14 yrs., John S. Marrazzo - 10 yrs., WB & Rev. Jorge A. Martinez, PM - 13 yrs.,
Norman M. Mazer - 46 yrs., Steven W. Mitchell - 7 yrs., Michael A. Molle - 23 yrs., 
Capt. David C. Moore - 12 yrs., John J. Moy - 14 yrs., John E. Murray - 28 yrs., 
Paul A. Neafsey - 5 yrs.,  Kenneth R. Nicholson - 14 yrs., Steven R. Nocitra - 35 yrs., 
Harold J. O'Connell - 31 yrs., Francis X. O'Hara, Jr. - 17 yrs., WB Henry D. Olsen, P.M. - 17 yrs.,
Leroy G. Palmer (H) - 14 yrs., Jeffrey C. Pennell - 41 yrs., Anthony A. Pietrofitta - 14 yrs.,
Dominic Pugliese - 33 yrs., John M. Quering, Jr. - 13 yrs., RW Mark R. Richardson - 32 yrs., 
Frank R. Ritter - 13 yrs., Allen Rodesky - 14 yrs., Paul A. Rodesky - 9 yrs., 
Andy O. Rodriguez, Jr. - 6 yrs., David N Rowan - 47 yrs., Dennis G. Sass - 40 yrs., 
David R. Saunders - 20 yrs., George L. Scott, Jr. - 41 yrs., Mark E. Segal - 6 yrs.,
WB Javier Jay Seguinot, PM - 18 yrs., G. Robert Shepheard, Jr. - 40 yrs., 
Nathaniel D. Sliwoski - 16 yrs., John W. Smith - 16 yrs., Andrew T. Stewart - 6 yrs.,
Jerome H. Szczesniewski Sr. - 42 yrs., Dennis P. Talty, ESQ. - 14 yrs., W. Fred Taylor, Sr. - 22 yrs.,
RW Raymond W. Taylor,Sr., PGC/PM - 48 yrs., Timothy Tedesco - 6 yrs., Robert A. Tippin - 12 yrs.,
Mark A. Valentine - 4 yrs., RW Daniel J. Walker, PGC - 10 yrs., Keith Wall - 17 yrs.,
Stephen M. Warwick- 16 yrs., Roger T. Wells - 7 yrs., Jonathan Samuel White  - 5 yrs.,
Curtis M. Wood Jr. - 5 yrs., WB Brian L. Zimmerman, PM - 13 yrs.

Happy Masonic Birthday Brethren”
"Status of the Temple"

               Brethren I wanted to update you on what myself and the trustees have been working on to maintain and improve our Masonic Temple.

               If you have not heard, the heating unit that provides heat for both the lodge room and the hall broke a few weeks ago. A service call was made and the heater was temporarily fixed, however the large unit is going to need to be replaced. Estimates are being collected and the hope is that it can hold off until spring. The trustees have already appropriated some funding in the event of needing to replace it sooner.

               Also, the 10-burner oven has finally broken after so many years of service. A replacement has been ordered and will be installed before the Official Visit. Special thanks to USS New Jersey #62 Lodge for donating half of the funds needed for this replacement.

               For some good news: the heating unit that supplied heat to the bathrooms, prep room and foyer has been replaced with a modern high efficiency heater. That was phase one, phase two of that project is the installation of air conditioning.

               Brethren there are many things in our building that are going to need attention in the next few years. The needs of maintaining the building are currently outweighing the wants. My goal is to address all possible issues and begin the long-range planning required to maintain our Temple and make it viable for generations to come.

               If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly or come to Lodge and we can discuss them.



We are looking for “white apron” Brethren to assist in the exemplification of the Entered Apprentice Degree. If you are interested please contact our Secretary or the Worshipful Master.

The Degree will be April 19th starting at 7pm.

Dinner arrangements will be announced at a later date.
"Masonic Home Visitations"
       Thanks go out to all the brethren and ladies who came out for the Masonic
 Home visitations. Having two visitations within two weeks is a challenge but we stepped up to it!  Great job!

Special thanks to our Ladies Group for organizing and distributing gift bags
 to over 60 residents in the Home, including our own Merchantville Lodge family! 
The residents were extremely grateful, and I can’t wait to see what the 
Ladies have for to give out in March!
~ WM

"Masonic Village Visitations for 2019"

March 24th, June 9th, August 25th, November 10th

"Save the Date!!"
Merchantville Lodge #119’s
"148th Annual Ladies Night!"

Sunday, May 5th, 2019
Pennsauken Country Club
Social Hour 5:30pm/Dinner 6:00pm
Dress: Jacket and Tie
Flowers and Gifts for All Ladies!
Basket Auction