​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
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​Masonic Birthdays For June 2017

Nathaniel L. Baker 8 yrs. - Richard J. Barry 24 yrs. - Scott R. Barry 11 yrs.
Zachary T. Bascelli 6 yrs. - John M. Belko 28 yrs. - Rolf G. Benninghoven 6 yrs.
Charles E. Benson 47 yrs. - William H. Berman 35 yrs. - Thomas P. Connell 11 yrs.
Anthony N. Costanzo 43 yrs. - Richard M. DiMonte, Jr. 6 yrs. Vincent E. Doyle 42 yrs.
Shamus E. Ellis 9 yrs. - Philip J. Espinosa 23 yrs. - Edward F. Fahrenholz 12 yrs.
Frederick L. Follis, Jr. 18 yrs. - Eliud Gautier 2 yrs. - Michael J. Giletto 8 yrs.
John J. Crachen 15 yrs. - William H. Griffith, IV 34 yrs. - Thomas R. Harman, III 29 yrs.
Gerald C. Haubrich 6 yrs. - William C. Hench 21 yrs. - Alan B. Hentzler 22 yrs.
Jeffrey E. Hentzler 22 yrs. - Robert W. Hertneck Jr. 17 yrs. - Joseph J. Hopkins, III 9 yrs.
James E. Humes 35 yrs. - Dr. Charles M. Ivory 38 yrs. - Gerald D. Jeitner, Jr. 16 yrs.
Christopher M. Johnson 16 yrs. - William W. Johnson, Sr. 21 yrs. - Eric T. Johnson 4 yrs.
Robert A. King 30 yrs. - John Anthony Lattanzi 7 yrs. - Thomas W. Lowe, Jr. 28 yrs.
Michael W. Mack, Sr. 37 yrs. - Jose A. Malave, Sr. 7 yrs. - Jeffrey C. Martin 2 yrs.
Alexander Martinez 7 yrs. - Ryan F. McGee 9 yrs. - Thomas A. Muskett 62 yrs.
Russel V. Panchelli 41 yrs. - Roswell Perez 5 yrs. - Kenneth L. Pierce 29 yrs.
Larry S. Plasket 39 yrs. - Daniel J. Prosser, Sr. 19 yrs. - Robert J. Quigley, Jr. 31 yrs.
Matthew J. Redder 11 yrs. - Michael D. Riggs 3 yrs. - Ramon A. Rodriquez 4 yrs.
Brian D. Rowe 6 yrs. - Raynaldo Santiago 14 yrs. - Joseph L. Schili 15 yrs.
Andrew D. Schmidt 31 yrs. - Gerald J. Sharpe 23 yrs. - Thomas R. Smith, III 24 yrs.
Raymond W. Taylor, Sr. 19 yrs. - Luis A. Valentin 4 yrs. - El Donaldo Francisco Vid Al 5 yrs.
Wilbur Wannamaker, Jr. 8 yrs. - Kenneth B. Webb, Sr. 17 yrs. - Patrick C. Weisgerber, Sr. 20 yrs. 
Peter F. White 20 yrs. - Jerome J. Williams 32 yrs. - Richard Wimmer 64 yrs.

Happy Masonic Birthday Brethren”



       It has been four months since I have taken office. I have to say that even though I was fully aware that I would have no idea just how much work was involved with this office and just how much I would need to learn, I can honestly say, I had no idea how much of a “no idea” I really knew.

       The day to day workings of the office however, have become more natural and I am starting to come into my own. I hope. I would once again just like to thank the lodge for its continued support and understanding as I work through this transition.

       For the month of May I want to talk about trestleboard mailings. I understand that if you are reading this, chances are you are receiving your trestleboard without issue. However, there is a chance you picked this up at a lodge meeting or you received it through our email listing but you no longer receive your much desired hard copy through the mail. Or maybe you have heard in passing a brother mention he no longer receives the trestleboard at all. To this I say, just ask.

       You can be sure that if you wish to receive the trestleboard by email, mail or both, I will make it happen. What I can’t do, is know what it is you want or need until you tell me. If you no longer receive the trestleboard I can only assume this is on purpose. That in past years you had requested to be removed from the list.

       So I ask brethren, that you reach out to me at MerchantvilleLodge@gmail.com or give me a call at 609-280-6525 and simply request to be added to or removed from, whichever mailing list you wish. Trust me, the creation of the trestleboard is a lengthy process that I am proud of when completed. I wish to share it with everyone!

       Until I see you at lodge brother! Have a blessed day.

Ryan D. Wachter, Lodge Secretary

"2017 Masonic Home Wheelchair Push"

Sunday, August 20th and Sunday, November 19th, 2017

 All Newly Raised Brethren, New EA & FC Brethren and Officers are expected to attend and assist with getting our Wheelchair Residents to the Chapel.

Family Members are always welcome to attend and assist us.
Please mark you calendars’ accordingly.

Enter thru the Church Entrance Double Glass Doors and
on Attendance Roster (Park in Lot near Foundation Bldg)



     Merchantville Lodge will once again be conferring the “White Apron” Entered Apprentice Degree in September, 2017. This is a very special degree in which white apron brethren (those who do not hold an office or special title) confer the degree.

     So if you are interested in learning some ritual (walking, talking or both!) and being a part of the initiating of your brothers then please contact the Secretary or the Worshipful Master.

     We will discuss what your interests and concerns are and make sure to find a good fit for you in the degree. You will then attend upcoming officer’s rehearsals and work alongside the officers to learn the ritual.

     It is a great way to support your lodge, test the waters as far as doing ritual and you walk away with a memorable experience.

"Congratulations this year’s award recipients"

Michelle Bello - Pennsauken High School
Sean Harris - Cinnaminson High School
Katelyn Martin - Triton Regional High School
Ashley Melendez - Sterling High School

There will be a Dinner June 9th prior to the scholarship
presentation at 6:30pm at the lodge hall.
The library was created back in 2011. It was an idea I brought to the Trustees, to take the oversized coat room and turn it into a place for brethren to have access to our lodges history and to books to help better themselves through the craft as well as the 7 liberal arts and sciences. Under the leadership of RW. James Choyinski who was Master at the time and the generous contributions of many of the brethren, the beautiful room you now see in the upstairs of Merchantville Lodge was created. This year I would like to continue moving forward with that project by collecting books for the library. At this time we are looking for books pertaining to freemasonry, history and the 7 liberal arts and sciences. You can donate the books to the lodge or just have them on loan. Please submit all books to the secretary. This first stage is to collect and catalogue our library. From there we will work towards a “check out” system for certain books and of course the ability to review, read and study Merchantville Lodges archives here at the lodge.

-Donations can be dropped off at the lodge.
-Send an email to MerchantvilleLodge@Gmail.com to schedule a pick-up
-Call me at 609-280-6525 to schedule a pick-up

Thank you brethren for your support.
Bro. Ryan D. Wachter Lodge Secretary.