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​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
     Brethren, I hope everyone is well. I want to thank everyone who was able to attend Table Lodge on March 10th. We had a great time and a full house with RW Dieter B. Hees DGM as our guest speaker, the next Grand Master for the State of NJ! That’s what it’s all about, coming out to lodge and partaking in all that Freemasonry has to offer!

     With Ladies Night coming up on April 8th at the Pennsauken Country Club, I am looking forward to seeing everyone there for another memorable evening with the Ladies!

     Even with all the events in and out of Lodge, it’s the moments that matter, seeing a familiar face I haven’t seen in a while, offering a kind word to someone in need or just a smile, helping a brother learn ritual, offering support to a brother when needed, or just hanging out talking randomly, this is the glue that brings us together and makes us Masons!

     Moving forward in search of more light is and has been my goal and motto for this year! Working together as brothers in a positive light is the best way I believe to reach that goal. So please remember to remain positive… life’s too short to dwell in the past.

     YOUR LODGE NEEDS YOUR HELP: Brethren I’m asking for your help, we have a new floor being installed this summer in the banquet hall and kitchen areas. Before the installers can begin we need a committee and crew to clean up these areas. If anyone is able to be on the committee or just lend a hand please let me or Sec. Ryan Wachter know ASAP.

     I’m looking forward to seeing YOU in Lodge in April, God Bless!

                                                                WB Robert Harris, Jr.
                                                                Worshipful Master - 2017 


      The incoming Worshipful Master, Bro. Robert Harris, Jr., will be looking for a “Recording Secretary” and a few other Members to fill some vacant chairs in 2017. Please, any interested Brother may contact Bro. Harris concerning a possible appointment. Bro. Harris can be contacted at:
 (E-mail: r.harris@hdservices.net or (Phone) (609) 220-4290. 
Also, if you know of any Brother who plays the Organ, we are still looking for an Organist. It is a “Paying/Playing Job”!

      On another Note: N.P.D. Suspension Notices were mailed out to all the delinquent Members on August 5th, 2016, more than 90 days prior to N.P.D. Action taking place, per Grand Lodge Rules & Regulations. At that time there were 48 Certified Letters sent, and per Grand Lodge, were followed up by Regular mail a few days later. That number is presently at 24 as I write this Trestle Board. N.P.D. Suspensions will occur to delinquent Members at the Regular Communication on Friday evening, November 11th, 2016. The Suspensions will become effective on December 31st if the Brother has not Paid up his Obligations to the Lodge which now include a $20 Service Fee for the Certified Mail and other mailing expenses; per Grand Lodge By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Title 14th General Regulation, Sections 14-01 & 02 respectfully, pertaining to N.P.D. Suspensions, if a Brother is Suspended for N.P.D., he has five (5) years to pay his back dues and present year’s dues and request re-Instatement. If he stays out more than 5 Years, he can be re-instated only after submitting a New Petition for Membership, being Investigated and Balloted all over again, and paying all back dues, assessments and present year’s dues. Is it worth it Brother? You knocked upon that door and sought admission from the desires of your own “Heart”! You heard the responses of “Who Comes Here, Who Comes Here, Whom Have You Here? The Answer?

      The Assessments for Grand Lodge for 2017 have come in and are set at $45.50. Lodge Dues are set at $83.00 with a .50 Donation to Charity Fund making the 2017 Total Dues Payments will be $129.00. Dual Members Dues will be $83.00 plus the .50 Charity Donation (Per By-Laws). There are No G.L. Assessments for New Jersey Dual Members so the Total Dues for Dual Members will be $83.50 for 2017. The new Dues Notices were mailed out on October 15th, 2016. Please send in your 2017 Dues Renewals A.S.A.P. It is our "ONLY" major source of Income!

Ray Taylor, Sr., PGC/MSA
Administrative Secretary
"2016 Masonic Home Wheelchair Pushes"

Our Next Wheel Chair Pushes at the Masonic Home in Burlington are: 
Sunday November 13th, 2016

 All Newly Raised Brethren, New EA & FC Brethren and Officers are expected to attend and assist with getting our Wheelchair Residents to the Chapel.

Family Members are always welcome to attend and assist us.
Please mark you calendars’ accordingly.

Enter thru the Church Entrance Double Glass Doors and
on Attendance Roster (Park in Lot near Foundation Bldg)

"​Double click on the Motorcycle for "Widows Sons News"

Merchantville Lodge No.119, F. & A.M. Nominations of Officers for the 2017 Masonic Year 
were made at the October 14th, 2016 Regular Communication: Elections will occur at the 
November 11th Annual Election of Officers with the Annual Installations at our 
December 9th, 2016 “Closed” Installations of Officers Communication.

Nominations for Offices were as follows:
Worshipful Master: Brother Robert Harris, Jr.
Senior Warden; WB Barry T. Hanson, P.M.
Junior Warden: Brother Eric T. Johnson
Treasurer: WB Raynaldo Santiago, P.M.
Administrative Secretary; Brother Ryan D. Wachter
Proxy to Grand Lodge: D.B. Kenneth L. Pierce
Operational Trustee: (2 Yr. Term): D.B. Kenneth L. Pierce (2018)

In the event of his Election as Senior Warden of the Lodge on November 11th, 2016, 
WB Barry T. Hanson, P.M., will be stepping down and resigning as a Financial Trustee 
on December 31, 2016 and Nominations and Election of a Financial Tustee for the 
One (1) Year Unexpired term (2017) will occur at the January 13th, 2017 Regular Communication.
In the Event of His Election, the incoming Worshipful Master, Bro. Robert Harris, Jr., will be looking for a “Recording Secretary” and a few other “Good Men” to fill some vacant chairs in 2017.
Please, any interested Brother may contact Bro. Harris concerning a possible appointment. 
Bro. Harris can be contacted at: (E-mail: r.harris@hdservices.net or (Phone) (609) 220-4290.

Also, if you know of any Brother who plays the Organ, we are still looking for an Organist. 
It is a “Paying/Playing Job”!