​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
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       Symbolism is the life-blood of our fraternity. It can represent so eloquently in a single image what would take paragraphs to explain. One such representation is the Point within a Circle, embordered by two perpendicular and parallel lines. The parallel lines are representative of the Holy Saints John, to whom our lodge is dedicated. We know well this from our ritual but what is not explained is the significance of the “lines” as it pertains to the Circle.

       The parallel lines, as representatives of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, are also symbolic of the summer and winter solstice. St. John the Baptist’s “day” is celebrated on June 24th and is symbolic of the summer solstice. St. John the Evangelist is December 27th and symbolic of the winter solstice. Both of these dates correlate with the modern June 21st and December 21st dates of the solstice.

       The solstice itself has ancient celestial symbolism; being that they are the longest and shortest days of the year respectively. The continuous “circle” of the longest and shortest days represents the balance of the seasons and a continuum of time. In eastern cultures this is represented by the yin and the yang with equally balanced and opposite black and white. Those cultures also associated this balance of time with the rainy and dry seasons; as that is when they would plant and harvest.

       Though the yin and yang is not a Masonic symbol; many parallels can be drawn to our symbology.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Dave Martin
Worshipful Master