​Merchantville Lodge #119 F&AM
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      One of the best parts of being the Worshipful Master is being able to open and close the Lodge. The performance of the ritual is vitally important and what makes us unique to other organizations. While there are many important parts of our opening and closing ritual; I am particularly impressed by the closing charge.

       The closing charge begins with a statement reminding us that while we are assembled in lodge, our sacred retreat of friendship and virtue, we are safe within its walls. When we mix again with the world, we are to remember what makes our duties as Masons so important to all the world. We are reminded to be diligent in our duties, prudent with our decisions, temperate and disciplined in our daily lives, and discreet and careful with our actions.

       We are reminded of a promise to befriend and relieve every brother who needs our assistance. We are to recall that we also promised to remind each other of our failings and aid in each other’s reformation. When called upon, we will speak highly of our brothers and offer the most charitable judgement. We are admonished to remember all of these principles we implement amongst the brethren are meant to assist humanity as well.

       Our closing charge concludes with a reminder for us to be united in purpose. To “live in Peace; and may the God of love and peace delight to dwell with, and bless you”.

Dave Martin
Worshipful Master