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       This is the time of year that we not only celebrate the Vernal Equinox (the first day of Spring), but it is also around the time of year that Christians celebrate Easter and those of the Jewish faith observe Passover. Both of these religions use the Lamb as an emblem of innocence and purity as well as other symbolism.

       As speculative Masons we also deem the Lamb as an emblem of innocence and, as explained in the Entered Apprentice degree, is the reason we wear a Lambskin apron. The apron as a badge of a Mason is itself a symbol of keeping ourselves from getting “dirtied” by the immoral and unvirtuous. Thus keeping us pure in thought, word and deed.

       I use this allegory to remind us that with Spring comes change. The seasons change as the Vernal Equinox starts the time when days grow longer and warmer. In most households it means “Spring cleaning” and divesting things that are no longer of use. For our Masonic jurisdiction it means a change of leadership and a new way forward. For our Lodge it means continuing the renewal and revitalization of our commitment to the virtues of our Fraternity and to our Lodge.

       Oh, and some Spring cleaning too. :)

Dave Martin
Worshipful Master