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       I was reflecting on my children, my oldest Son and his wife are expecting their first child in March, my middle Son is starting his freshman year at Duquesne University and my youngest and my daughter is now a HS Sophomore. Although these are major milestones in my life, it’s the small moments I share with them that mean the most, a laugh, a smile, a joke even watching them struggle, me wanting to help when they fail but knowing they need to make a few mistakes along the way to build self-confidence and learn. All the while they knowing I’m right behind them to help brush it off and encourage them to try again.

       To me this also applies with Lodge, we have ritual, meetings and events. But it’s the moments that matter, seeing a familiar face I haven’t seen in a while, offering a kind word to someone in need or just a smile, helping a brother learn ritual, offering support to a brother when needed, this is the glue that brings us together and makes us Masons!

       Moving forward in search of more light has been my goal and motto for this year! Working together as brothers in a positive light is the best way I believe to reach that goal. So please remember to remain positive… life’s too short to dwell in the past.

       I’m looking forward to seeing you in Lodge for our October business meeting and the White Apron Degree on the 20th!

PS: we have special visitors coming over from PA to watch the White Apron EA Degree, so please come out and meet some of our brothers from PA.Brethren.